FULLER believes that a contemporary marketing strategy is a dynamic document, which responds to the rapidly changing global brand communication environment.

Where a classic marketing strategy might once have charted the future of a company or organisation for five or even ten years, the rapid pace of technological change in product development and communication means a modern marketing strategy may now last for less than a year before it is revisited and renewed.

Market research can be conducted online in weeks not months – to accurately understand a consumer’s needs – and a two page marketing strategy is often all that is needed to concisely respond to that need.

At FULLER a marketing strategy must identify a company’s goal or mission (its visceral vision for the future) and its measurable objectives (sales, awareness, behaviour change). We identify in a marketing strategy the brand messaging but also the most appropriate marketing tactics to achieve the best result, as for most businesses in today’s competitive environment practical outcomes are just as important as theory.

Content marketing is one of the most recent advances in brand communication and FULLER’s experience as a marketing agency which develops high quality text, graphics and video means that we are ideally positioned to specialise in this new service offering.

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