Much is written about what the term brand means. Essentially a brand is a story or narrative which is authentic and unique. Every person, every business, every organisation has a unique brand (or personality). A brand strategy is a process of exploration, which FULLER undertakes with clients, to uncover the real story underlying their business or organisation.

Through workshopping, discussion and research with key brand decision makers, the brand strategy evolves as a series of belief statements and messages which can be consistently and confidently repeated – sometimes over generations. The brand strategy certainly has a visual brand identity at its core, and our graphic design studio is skilled at bringing a brand message to life through art.

However, FULLER vigorously argues that a brand is not a logo – it is a belief system that may simply find its expression in an identity.

Brand communication is the process of taking the brand strategy and activating it. Many marketing agencies would simply undertake brand communication through advertising. But at FULLER we believe in developing an integrated brand communication plan which will involve a range of channels: PR, graphic design, web and digital communication, social media…and increasingly content marketing, as well as advertising.

Activating a brand strategy through integrated brand communication is not only more effective and cost efficient, it also guarantees much deeper and longer lasting brand recall and loyalty.

So in summary, a brand strategy activated by a brand communication plan will mean greater sustainability for your organisation and guaranteed profitability for your business.

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    The team at FULLER has been busy smashing the public relations for the 2015 CRUSH Festival throughout January. After launching the new look and feel for the festival late last…

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