Much is written about what the term brand means. Essentially a brand is a story or narrative which is authentic and unique. Every person, every business, every organisation has a unique brand (or personality). A brand strategy is a process of exploration, which FULLER undertakes with clients, to uncover the real story underlying their business or organisation.

Through workshopping, discussion and research with key brand decision makers, the brand strategy evolves as a series of belief statements and messages which can be consistently and confidently repeated – sometimes over generations. The brand strategy certainly has a visual brand identity at its core, and our graphic design studio is skilled at bringing a brand message to life through art.

However, FULLER vigorously argues that a brand is not a logo – it is a belief system that may simply find its expression in an identity.

Brand communication is the process of taking the brand strategy and activating it. Many marketing agencies would simply undertake brand communication through advertising. But at FULLER we believe in developing an integrated brand communication plan which will involve a range of channels: PR, graphic design, web and digital communication, social media…and increasingly content marketing, as well as advertising.

Activating a brand strategy through integrated brand communication is not only more effective and cost efficient, it also guarantees much deeper and longer lasting brand recall and loyalty.

So in summary, a brand strategy activated by a brand communication plan will mean greater sustainability for your organisation and guaranteed profitability for your business.

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  • Future Leaders

    In December last year FULLER was approached by the newly formed Australian Grape and Wine Authority to assist in raising the profile of its Future Leaders program by developing a new brand identity,…

  • Pinosity

    Are you one of the growing army of Pinot freaks that are taking over bars and wineries across Australia? It seems that consumers have discovered this Holy Grail of red…

  • Breaking new ground

    FULLER client Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre (DET CRC), has gained the attention of one of the world’s most popular business and finance magazines, Forbes. The Forbes website has…


    If an understanding of the tech term PDF has previously eluded you, relax. Like DVD remote controls, CDs and Nokia ringtones, the much-loved and popularly-adopted Portable Document Format (PDF) newsletter…

  • Wine Capital on Holland

    FULLER developed, marketed and managed the first Wine Capital on Holland event for the South Australian Wine Industry Association. More than 800 people attended enjoying wines from 50 local wineries…

  • FLOG: The game of disruption

    I’ve been a bit disrupted lately. Disrupted, actually, by the term disruptive innovation. And digital disruption. Disruption used to be a bad thing. Someone butting into a conversation. The naughty…

  • FLOG: Crossing the digital divide

    While we were all sitting watching TV with our iPad on one knee and our iPhone on the other – Tweeting, Facebooking and Googling – Australia quietly crossed the digital…

  • Strategic expansion

    As FULLER celebrates its 21st birthday this month, I am delighted to announce a strategic expansion of our digital and design services. As part of our mission to become Adelaide’s…

  • As FULLER celebrates its 21st birthday this month, I am delighted to announce a strategic expansion of our digital and design services | FULLER

    “From little things, big things grow”

    A giant replica cathedral made out of used medicine cups has made its way from Port Broughton on the Yorke Peninsula to be put on display in St Peter’s Cathedral…

  • The Big Gig

    The country can-do attitude is alive and well on Yorke Peninsula. Frustrated at being overlooked by travelling music concerts such as The Day On the Green, a local community consortium bit…

  • 50 South Australian winemakers will embrace the Market Shed on Holland on July 12 with the shed's very first Saturday afternoon wine and food experience | FULLER

    The Wine Capital comes to the Market Shed on Holland

    It’s a grungy car park during the week, but on Sundays it’s the place where more than 2000 off-duty movers and shakers rub shoulders with bearded poets, musing academics, compression-tight…

  • FULLER’s Creative Director Stafford Trowse was commissioned to create a new and flexible design for the 2014 Winter Reds Weekend that could be adapted to media deliverables such as programs, banners, signage and digital | FULLER

    Adelaide Hills warms up for Winter Reds weekend

    It’s not often you are told to ‘play with fire’ but in late July, wine and food lovers will be encouraged to pull on their woollies and head to the…

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