Content Marketing is not a one night stand

At a recent long lunch, a State MP leaned across the table and asked whether content marketing would work as a political communication tool.

“If I understand you correctly content marketing is a sustained communication approach that builds understanding and loyalty – whereas what we tend to do as pollies is throw everything at the wall in the month before the election and hope it sticks,” he said.

I congratulated him on his perspicacity, so rare amongst the chattering classes, who prefer to tell rather than listen.

“Content marketing is not a one night stand,” I told him with appropriate eyebrow inflections. “It’s about a long term relationship built on trust.”

“You sound like a marriage counsellor.”

“No, just a communications adviser…which I guess is what marriage counsellors are.”

“So where are we going wrong as politicians?”

“That’s a conference not a lunch! However, in my view MPs tend to rely on a very limited range of old fashioned communication tools between elections – a mix of letterbox fliers, street corner appearances and one on one chats in their offices when they are not sitting in Parliament or junketing around the world. Nothing much has changed since some bright spark thought of standing on a soapbox to get attention.

“But we all use social media,” he suggested hopefully, grasping for the Penfolds Bin 389.

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