Coming Home

FULLER has attracted three of South Australia’s brightest young marketing stars in 2016 on their return home from professional sojourns around the world.

Fifteen years ago, fresh faced journalism graduate Sally Raphael experienced the first years of her professional career as a communications consultant at FULLER, writing journal articles for FULLER’s wine and agricultural clients from its Waite Campus office.

Fast forward to 2016 and Sally finds herself back at FULLER, via London for 10 years, as the agency’s Brand and Marketing Director at its Kent Town headquarters.

This happy reunion marks an interesting trend for FULLER; the Brand Director role is one of three new positions created in the agency this year (alongside a Digital Marketing Strategist and a Visual Content Creator) and all three roles have been filled by talented young expats returning to SA.

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FULLER Managing Director Peter Fuller said the roles were created to ensure the agency remained ahead of the communication curve but were also driven by client demand.

“Fortunately we have attracted some exciting new projects in the last two years from growth sectors such as higher education, property, agriculture, aged care, research and local government that have required us to strengthen our integrated offer across brand, digital and visual production,” he said.

“Brand strategy is becoming more complex as traditional advertising is being replaced by digital marketing and there is an increasing need for new forms of visual content, especially video and photography.

“We are the only fully integrated brand agency in Adelaide and we tend to attract staff who want to work across the whole communication spectrum. There’s a lot of multi-tasking required and we seek out people who have five to ten years’ experience who love being creatively challenged.”

All three employees say they were lured home to South Australia for family, lifestyle and the opportunity to make their professional mark.

“The big reason for our return was Darcy’s arrival in July 2015,” Sally said of her 15-month-old daughter. “We wanted her to grow up around her grandparents and cousins. Adelaide is a great place to balance work and raising a family.

“On the professional side of things, in the brand and creative sector in the UK, it was interesting to see smaller, more nimble and super creative agencies from Manchester and Liverpool giving the London big guns a real run for their money, and I see no reason why Adelaide based agencies can’t do the same thing in Australia.”

After working in Manchester, UK, for a major international digital marketing agency with clients such as Audi and Volkswagen,  Matilda Rutter  turned up on FULLER’s doorstep a week before the agency commenced its search for a new Digital Marketing professional.

It’s great to be home amongst family but it’s also exciting to have the opportunity to take the knowledge and skills I gained overseas and offer that expertise to an Australian client base.

“I sought out FULLER because I could see an opportunity to complement its integrated communications offer with some solid technical skills in digital marketing. There is a huge opportunity to be running world-class digital marketing campaigns here in SA,” she said.

Visual Content Creator  Ben McPherson,  born and bred in Mt Gambier, has brought his global experience in video and photography working with brands such as Nike and Red Bull to FULLER in the agency’s first in-house visual content production role.

“Working overseas was a great experience, but after a while I wondered why I couldn’t do the same level of work in Adelaide, with South Australian businesses,” he said.

“After freelancing for 12 months, the opportunity to be able to focus solely on my craft and work in a team of communication, design and digital professionals really excited me.”

With the team we have there is no reason why we can’t do some of the most exciting branded content work in Australia.

Peter said it was a privilege to be in a position to be creating jobs and finding talented young people to employ.

“I’m always frustrated by the statistics that are trotted out by the “SA knockers” of the high number of young people leaving the state. To leave Adelaide in your 20s is a rite of passage, a chance to explore and broaden your thinking and skills,” he said.

“What is not acknowledged is the high rate of return of professionals in their late 20s and early 30s. They know that Adelaide is a better place to live, buy a house and eventually raise a family than London.

There’s an absolute ‘smorgasbord’ of talent arriving at Adelaide Airport every day – they have international skills and experience, a long term commitment to grow their career here and they really love the lifestyle of SA.

“I think we are incredibly fortunate to find people like Sally and Ben and Tilly who know why they want to be at FULLER.”

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