written by Tim Smedley

The user-centric city

Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval by Marcus Wallis.

As the Google Australia office outgrows its current Pyrmont premises in Sydney it is looking for somewhere new to locate its office fun park. Adhering to Google’s fundamental UX (User Experience) principles we think that our fair city has plenty to offer Google employees seeking work-life balance, wine, beer, and beaches…but don’t take our word for it, just ask the world’s largest search engine.

The “User-Centric” City

“Focus on the user and all else will follow” is #1 on Google’s list of 10 things known to be true. In that case, look no further than Adelaide Google!

We have a custom built livable city designed for humans and internet companies alike. The median house price in Adelaide ($522,000 Q4 2017) is less than half that of Sydney where the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) of the median house was $1.18M for the same period.

Blessed with a Mediterranean climate we get four distinct seasons, similar to the San Francisco Bay Area. Our summers are hot and dry and our winters are wet and cold (but not too cold) which will be familiar to you NorCal Google-peeps.

Like a well-functioning website, our layout is also simple, navigation is intuitive. The sun rises over the Hills and sets over the beach…how complex is that.

Built to Spec

Built to Colonel William Light’s vision, we’re strategically placed on the plains between our perfect beaches and famous wine regions.

We also love good network architecture. Our city streets are purposefully parallel and perpendicular to allow for fast transfer speeds from swim to swill. #20minutecity


We’ve always had a love of networks and networking. When it comes to building networks of things:

  • Adelaide was the first Australian capital city to be connected by telegraph to London;
  • The first to have a network of horse drawn trams;
  • The first Australian city with a waterborne sewerage network;
  • The first city to operate a 3G network in the southern hemisphere;
  • One of the first cities in the world to create a free large-scale public access WiFi network; and
  • We have the numero uno biggest 100 Megawatt Lithium Ion battery in the world (thanks to your old mate Elon!)


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We’re well connected. Because of our size there are fewer degrees of separation between each of us. Pretty much everyone we meet is a friend, or a friend of a friend.

Oh, so you know my mate Derek then?

Adelaide proverb                           

The explosion of the number of bars and cafes in Adelaide’s CBD in recent years provides great SEO (Social Engagement Opportunities). When you’re an Adelaidean it’s much easier of to do a quick search and find your mates out on any given evening.


South Australians are an innovative mob. Growing up in a different environment to our kin in the Eastern states we’ve been free to take our own approach and ask difficult questions like “how can I drink wine from a bag in a box?”. Then, we set about solving these important problems.

Never afraid to tread our own path or drink our own way, our beverage of choice is an Iced Coffee while nearly every other city in the world the number one drink is some form of Cola.


We’re well qualified. With three world-class universities our greatest service export is tertiary education. With our affordable, high standards of living many international students choose to stay and call Adelaide home. If it’s science, maths or engineering graduates you need we’ve got home grown and international candidates in spades.

A/B Testing

We’ve even got some prime real estate available for modern offices at North Terrace on the site of the old Royal Adelaide Hospital (oRAH). Situated on our cultural boulevard overlooking our iconic parklands, it’s central, easy to get to – like anywhere else in our fair city – and there’s plenty of space for an extra pagoda styled meeting room.

Do your A/B Testing – Adelaide vs Bigger-fish – we’re confident that we’ll compare favourably as a preferred destination for a Google HQ.

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