Google partners up with FULLER

In the digital world, earning a Google Partner badge is akin to being anointed with holy oil and crowned.

For more than 12 months our digital team has been participating in a series of initiation rites to gain this covetable status: passing AdWords exams, schooling themselves in the ever-changing laws of Google Best Practices and managing multiple campaigns of varying budgets.

It has been worth it. FULLER was officially crowned a  Google Partner  this week, certified to offer  Google search,  mobile,  video and  display advertising services.

This not only provides clients with the confidence that they are working with a Google-certified expert; but also gives them access (via FULLER) to powerful Google insights not accessible to the general public.

The upshot? Improved research, more informed strategy and targeted implementation of your digital marketing activity – ultimately providing you with better results.

Here are some of the benefits of working with a Google Partner.

They’re certified

To become Google Partnered an agency must employ a Google AdWords specialist who has passed at least two of the three Google AdWords certifications. To pass these tests you must be highly experienced in all aspects of Google AdWords and have a sound understanding of the changing nature of accounts and Google Best Practices.

They’re experienced

You can’t become certified overnight. Google Partners need to have been working with Google for a minimum of 12 months before Google will allow them to apply to become a Google Partner.

They have to perform well

Google has a set of guidelines referred to as Google Best Practices. In order to become Google Partnered an agency must meet these Best Practices for a minimum of three months for all clients in the agency account. Fall below the performance review and the Partnership badge is taken away until Best Practices are met for another full three months.

They can manage small and large budgets

Not only must a Google Partner follow Google Best Practices, it must also have the ability to manage Google advertising spends at any level to demonstrate to Google that its skills can be put to test at scale. Google Partners are adept at managing Google advertising campaigns whether you have a monthly budget of $300 or $30,000.

They have access to internal Google data

Once an agency reaches a certain size and performance ability they will be contacted by Google personally to allocate them an Agency Development Manager (FULLER’s is Calvin – Hey Calvin). This indicates that Google wants to invest in an agency and their AdWords proposition.

A key benefit of having an Agency Development Manager is that they can pull Google information, data and insights that are not available to the general public – the agency can then share these insights with its clients. This means better research, strategy and implementation for your Google AdWords account.

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