Australian Olive Association

Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Everyday!

A digital content campaign raises awareness of the benefits of buying and consuming Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Project / Australian Olive Association


The Australian Olive Association came to FULLER with a need to grow demand for and consumption of Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).

The brief was to change misconceptions about the product, change consumer behaviour and shift consumption from imported olive oils and non-olive based oils to Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AEVOO).

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Every day consumption

Market research revealed that, unlike most other oils, Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an every day oil: 30 ml per person per day is an optimum amount for good health.

It also revealed that Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is healthier, tastier and fresher than other oils.

FULLER leveraged this promise as the foundation of the campaign: Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Every Day!

The communication strategy produced by FULLER aimed to:

  • Get more Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olives into more mouths; and
  • Encourage higher consumption across all audiences with greater frequency, without making it elitist or unapproachable.

Meaningful content, targeted distribution

Using qualitative consumer research as a benchmark, the strategy recommended that AOA undertake a 12-month Digital Content Marketing campaign to research consumers and change behavior via popular digital platforms.

The campaign included the development of a new consumer facing brand, Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Everyday, a website (content hub), Facebook page, and the production and targeted digital distribution of monthly blog and video content via Facebook.

Leveraging social intelligence

Throughout the first six months FULLER also ran a multiple-choice competition on Facebook to gain a better understanding of consumer knowledge in relation to Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and to gather email addresses, resulting in the collection of 1,700 emails for the Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Everyday database.

Engaging influencers

FULLER also assisted in organising the first 2017 Australian Olive Harvest Celebration, approaching targeted social influencers on behalf of Everyday, producing an Everyday branded media kit and itinerary for the famil event at Boundary Bend and attending the event to gather photo and video content for the next six months.


2,318,979 consumers reached and counting

In the first 12 months the campaign has resulted in outstanding reach and engagement with consumers.

Through the production and digital distribution of 22 pieces of written content, five videos, 13 repurposed articles and one Facebook survey, over the past eight months the Everyday brand has had 2.3 million impressions, with over 170,688 people engaging in the content.

This has resulted in over 67,000 consumers visiting the site, for average session times of over 1 minute each. The Facebook community also increased from a standing start to over 5,000 followers and is rapidly growing each month.

Phase two of the campaign will see further engagement with social media influencers and additional consumer events to take the campaign from a digital space into a physical space.

If you are interested in FULLER’s integrated approach to branding and corporate communication, make an appointment through our Business Development Manager Paul Kitching. E:

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