Old dogs, new Krix

Sound engineer Krix premiumises its speakers with an elevated brand direction.


Krix has been making quality speakers for lovers of sound since its humble beginnings from a garage in 1974.

Initially making speakers for home systems, it wasn’t until 1980 that Krix Speaker Systems produced commercial speaker systems for cinemas – starting with Adelaide’s Capri Theatre.

35 years later Krix continues to innovate and produce high quality home and commercial cinema speakers in South Australia for a national and growing export market.

While Krix has seen solid growth in commercial cinema sales, it came to FULLER to elevate its offer in home sound, a market segment requiring renewed focus and strategy for growth.

rebrand digital


Recognising the need for clear messaging that would speak to Krix fans old and new the strategy was to “Authenticate to Premiumise” the Krix brand.

Harnessing the power of the authentic Krix story and the experiences of Krix customers, the strategy aimed to position Krix as a luxury brand, and product that would bring status and style to the user.

Elevating the brand

This premiumisation process included a refreshed brand ID to utilise Krix’s existing brand equity, while also elevating perceptions through tone and visual communication.

Using Krix’s existing tagline, Experience Sound, FULLER created a series of campaign posters and collateral using its refreshed ID and emotive imagery and content to show consumers the impact of high quality sound in everyday life.

Articulating the story

After updating the Krix brand story, FULLER also assisted in copywriting Krix’s speaker descriptions to evolve the brand language and position Krix in a more aspirational consumer space.

With this refreshed brand and creative, FULLERs digital team advised Krix in developing a new consumer website to elevate its brand in a digital space.

FULLER also assisted in designing a striking trade booth for Krix’s 2016 trade visit to Barcelona.

rebrand collateral


Krix has launched a new website with a refreshed visual language and messaging making a noticeable impact on customers.

Continuing to work with FULLER on a number of projects, including event and in-store collateral design and copy, Krix has had positive responses from customers about its elevated look and feel from markets all over the world, from Barcelona to Dubai.