Increasing domestic visitation to a unique wine region on a small budget.

Langhorne Creek Grape and Wine Association
Come a little bit closer
Advertising, videography, digital marketing, illustration

In 2017 Langhorne Creek Grape and Wine won a Wine Australia grant to increase visitation to the Langhorne Creek wine region.

Unlike other wine regions, Langhorne Creek wasn’t interested in international visitation and instead wanted to focus on increasing domestic visitation from Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills and the Fleurieu Peninsula.


The campaign aimed to position this small wine region as a generous wine tourism experience, offering amazing wines, intimate cellar doors, delicious regional produce and unforgettable characters and ultimately increase visitation by affluent baby boomers who have more money to spend in region than other audiences.

The client had developed the tagline: Closer than you think to encourage target audiences on its doorstep to consider Langhorne Creek as a weekend tourism destination and wanted the creative to include a 30 second TVC to run in regional cinema.

Fuller challenged the tagline, as it suggested people were already thinking about Langhorne Creek as a destination, when research revealed they weren’t, and tweaked it to become: Come a little bit closer.

This brought a nice resonance with Neil Young’s famous song Harvest Moon, while also communicating the idea of bringing people together in a warm and friendly way.


The creative execution of this idea told the tourism experience through the eyes of the target audience by placing a baby boomer couple at the heart of the “weekend away” story, capturing beautiful footage of the region with a soundtrack by local artist Kelly Menhennett.

We convinced the client to extend the campaign’s application across an integrated strategy that included a 30 second TVC for regional and metro cinemas as well as billboard advertising, Facebook advertising, website content, press ads and a long form video to educate wine trade about the region.

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