Communications and pitch strategy delivers more than $200 million funding for the world’s largest mineral exploration collaboration.

Corporate communications
2017 - present
Communications strategy, stakeholder relations, branding, website development, corporate communications.

The establishment of a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) is a complex undertaking and requires the engagement of research partners, industry and funding bodies.  The MinEx Cooperative Research Centre (MinEx CRC) is the world’s largest mineral exploration collaboration, bringing together industry, government, research organisations and universities to further our understanding of geology, mineral deposits and groundwater resources in areas where rocks aren’t exposed at Earth’s surface.

Fuller was tasked with helping bring MinEx CRC into being, including the initial branding and messaging for the CRC and regular communication with stakeholders to attract more than $200 million in funding.


Having developed one of the most lauded communication programs in CRC history for Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre (DET CRC), Fuller initially developed a pitch strategy for MinEx CRC that consisted of communicating with key stakeholders, including from some of world’s largest mining companies and the Federal Government, to secure funding and support for the new CRC. Activity in this stage of the partnership included branding, messaging, digital marketing and website development.

Following MinEx CRC’s successful bid, Fuller developed a communications strategy to guide engagement with its diverse range of key stakeholders, from researchers to CEOs, and has since assisted MinEx CRC to develop a broad range of marketing communications collateral, including corporate brochures, e-newsletters and signage.


In a highly competitive program, the success of MinEx CRC’s pitch to the Federal Government, and engagement of other funding partners such as BHP, is evidence of the carefully planned and comprehensive communications strategy Fuller put in place.

The communications strategy devised by Fuller continues to ensure MinEx CRC provides regular and engaging communication to stakeholders.

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