Making an impact in research

Nectar showcases its research impact with a new website and prospectus.


Formally known as the National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources project, Nectar is a provider of online infrastructure that supports researchers, from any discipline, to connect and collaborate with colleagues both in Australia and around the world.

Founded on the philosophy that when it comes to research, a problem shared is a problem solved, Nectar engaged FULLER to:

  • show key outcomes from the Nectar project;
  • celebrate Nectar’s growth; and
  • encourage future funding for Nectar’s sophisticated digital research platforms.
integrated campaign design


Following a brand strategy, FULLER produced a new Nectar brand ID to reflect the organisation’s growth and commitment to problem solving through collaboration and cloud computing.

FULLER then produced two custom built websites – one focusing on the Nectar directorate and its successful Nectar Labs program, and another highlighting Nectar’s nationally recognised cloud-computing platform, Nectar Cloud.

The designs were simple, clean, incorporated striking imagery and were populated with clear, engaging technical content produced by FULLER.

Showcasing its integrated approach, FULLER also worked with Nectar to design and produce an interactive “coffee-shop style” conference booth, to launch its new brand ID and websites at the eResearch Australasia Conference in Brisbane on 19 October 2015.

Following the launch Nectar and FULLER began working on a complementary custom publication for Nectar, with the strategic purpose of promoting the impact of its Nectar Labs program and Nectar Cloud platform to researchers and key decision makers, targeting university vice chancellors and major research institutions.

Assisting in writing and editing 15 case studies focusing on 12 Nectar Labs and three research labs (using the Nectar Cloud), FULLER also arranged custom photography for key Nectar staff and researchers at national and international locations, before proceeding to graphic design.

prospectus graphic design


The Nectar directorate Nectar Labs website, and its cloud-computing platform, Nectar Cloud continue to be used by researchers all over Australia and internationally.

The Nectar Impact publication, which was launched to Nectar stakeholders in April 2016, has since been distributed to key decision makers, university chancellors and research institutions all over Australia and internationally, to encourage future partnerships with Australia’s research communities.

According to Sarah Mulvey, Program Manager, Nectar, The response from all stakeholders has been “overwhelmingly positive”.

“Thank you for all the work you have done on the Impact book. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from people, management and the Federal Government.” – Sarah Mulvey

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