A creative campaign to encourage and increase public visitation and adventure activities at South Australia’s reservoirs.

SA Water
Open for adventure
SA Water
Creative and art direction, copywriting, videography, photography, design.

As part of a plan to boost recreation space and drive regional tourism, in 2019, the South Australian Government began progressively opening reservoir reserves across the state for the public to visit and enjoy.

On behalf of the inter-agency State Government taskforce overseeing the program, SA Water engaged Fuller to develop a creative strategy for Phase 1 of the project: “Enjoy. Explore. Preserve”.

With Phase 1 complete and several reservoirs now open, SA Water tasked Fuller with executing a new creative campaign for Phase 2 of the project.

Phase 2 aimed to increase visitation at reservoir reserves by ensuring that the public knew that South Australia’s reservoir reserves were now open for all to visit, as well as positioning the use of these spaces as adventure destinations.

Specific requirements for the campaign included updating the Reservoirs South Australia campaign messaging and creative (photo and video), and applying the updated creative to outdoor advertising (tram wrap and bus shelters) and a suite of digital ads.


Fuller retained the look and feel of the Phase 1 campaign, “Enjoy, Explore, Preserve”, with a slight refresh to the creative and the tagline.

The campaign’s primary messaging placed a stronger focus on adventure, with a “now open” call to action. “Open for adventure” became the overarching campaign headline, while “Enjoy, Explore, Preserve” became secondary messaging.

Fresh photo and video content was captured over the course of a three day shoot, which focused on adventure themes and the activities visitors could undertake at each of the reservoirs (eg. cycling, hiking, fishing, kayaking).

To heighten the sense of action and adventure, the campaign’s secondary colour palette featuring red tones was incorporated, along with a more dynamic photographic style.


Phase 2 of the Reservoirs campaign will run throughout 2021.

Since its launch in May 2021, the digital component of the campaign has performed strongly, with an above-average click-through rate, and above industry average thru-play rate for the video content.

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