The orphan wine brand gets an artistic refresh.

Repositioning the Tatachilla brand with a label refresh and contemporary communications strategy targeting millennials.


Established in 1903, Tatachilla has long been one of the stalwart wine brands of the McLaren Vale region, but over time, through ever-changing ownership, it lost its connection with home and its customers.

Looking to reestablish that connection, Tatachilla approached FULLER to reposition the brand with a label refresh and contemporary communications strategy that would reach a new target audience: millennials.

strategic brand rollout


FULLER’s brand strategy process uncovered that the target audience, millennials, sought authenticity, were inspired by travel and valued experiences over possessions. The new brand would have to speak to these ideals.

FULLER’s approach was to find a story that would resonate with this audience and tell it through a new naming convention, contemporary art and design.

Based by the coast, it was established that the Tatachilla story should reflect the relaxed coastal lifestyle of its place in the world, while also tapping into the itinerate lifestyle of millennials by telling stories from the road.

This resulted in a naming convention including back label copy referring to Tatachilla as McLaren Vale’s orphan child, a wanderer returned home.

wine label design


Tatachilla’s Assistant Brand Manager, Amy Goodsell, said the new collection reflects the heart of the brand, a wandering soul that seeks inspiration both from home, and while on the road.

“With these two new collections Tatachilla has been reinvented as a contemporary brand for millennials, a brand which embodies the intrepid nature of Tatachilla and the casual coastal lifestyle of its spiritual home, McLaren Vale.” Amy said

“With this reinvigorated perspective on its story, Tatachilla will speak to a new generation of wine drinkers as a fun, light-hearted brand with the freedom to explore and a license to do things differently.

“Through social media, content marketing and targeted pop-up events, our aim is to build a thriving online community of followers,” Amy said.

“With this invigorated direction, we look forward to strengthening engagement with a new generation of wine consumers.”

If you are interested in FULLER’s integrated approach to branding and corporate communication, make an appointment through our Business Development Manager Paul Kitching. E: paul.kitching@fuller.com.au