Young South Australians are invited to Trade Up to a career in construction in a new integrated campaign via Fuller

  • 11 October 2023

Young South Australians are being challenged to rethink their career possibilities and build a dynamic career with a trade in the construction industry, thanks to a new campaign from Fuller Brand Communication.

Developed for the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) SA, Trade Up challenges young people (16 to 22) to look beyond the hi vis to fast track their life goals and discover an exciting work path which is well paid, rewarding and offers endless opportunities.

According to projections from Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) there are $67.5 billion worth of construction projects forecast for the next decade in South Australia.

Michael Gagliardi, Creative Director at Fuller, said “ our research told us that a career in construction had an image problem. Kids don’t think about it. Parents look down on it. And educators ignore it.

“These perceptions are outdated, in fact a trade is the smart choice occupation that can lead to a well paid, satisfying, healthy and fulfilling career.

“Our creative challenge was clear; we needed to create a positive perception shift – making a career in construction feel just as cool and aspirational as any other industry.

“So, what if we showed that becoming an apprentice is the way to move up in life, what if we asked them to simply; trade up and build a career in construction.”

Fuller, South Australia’s leading integrated independent creative agency, oversaw the entire campaign, including research, strategy, creative and production.

Will Fuller, Managing Director at Fuller, said the campaign has been a huge project for the agency.

“Almost every one of our 35 staff have touched this project in some way,” Fuller said.

“Our insights and strategy team spent time engaging with industry early, our creative department developed the bold campaign concept, our production team have since brought the idea to life and today our digital and PR people have launched the website and social media channels.

“Great creative work needs a client with vision and bravery and we’ve been so lucky to have the backing and support of Holly Willcox and the CITB team.

“I’m extremely confident that this campaign will build a pipeline of young talented tradies that will support the economic growth of our state”

Holly Willcox, Chief Executive Officer, CITB SA, emphasised the diverse roles within the building and construction industry for young people contemplating their career options.

“Trades are among the few occupations with consistently high demand, offering young individuals the prospect of a promising career and bright future,” Willcox said.

“Working closely with Fuller has been an enriching experience; their creative vision and strategic approach have truly amplified the campaign’s impact.

“With a number of large projects forecast for the next few years, now is the perfect time to launch this campaign and showcase the building and construction industry.”

In addition to the television commercial, the Trade Up integrated campaign will also be seen across transit, outdoor, online ads, radio, and digital – leading a new generation of tradies to a purposely constructed website to learn how to kickstart their apprenticeship.

Client: Construction Industry Training Board

Presiding Member: John Chapman
Chief Executive Officer: Holly Wilcox
Program Coordinator (doorways2construction): Steph Marsden
Director of Workforce, Skills and Training: Toni Hartley
Brand MO: Melissa Wyness

Creative Agency: Fuller

Managing Director: Will Fuller
Creative Director: Michael Gagliardi
Communications Director: Marcus La Forgia
Senior Creative: Joshua Newnes
Account Director: Kylie Roux
Producer: Emily Dawe
Senior Visual Content Creator: Jarrod Knoblauch
Head of Design: Sean Kane
Graphic Designer: Todd Fischer
Motion Graphics Designer: Andreas Heikaus
Digital Producer: BJ Vigar
UX Designer: Philippa Lawrie
Lead Web Developer: Marko Rapaic
Lead Web Developer: Ketut Gunaksa
Digital Marketer: Antara Joglekar
Social Media Marketer: Tom Cumming
Marketing Communications Consultant: Fiona Crowe


Production Co: Mae King & Truce
Ex. Producer: Elise Trenordan
Producer: Nicola Tate
Director: Toby Morris
DOP: Mitch Ayers
Production Manager: Eva Hodder
Production Assistant: Emily Dawe
Locations Manager: Maria Humphreys
Locations Assist: Kahli Gaskin
1AD: Travis Kalendra
2AD: Waeel Nasserdine
1AC: Jake Cooper
2AC: Jarrod Knoblauch
Robotic Arm Operator: Shane Parsons
Robotic Arm Assistant: Adam Griffiths
Gaffer: Nic Datson
Best Boy: Nick Frayne
Elex. Assist: Sam Clarke
Grip: Justin Van Zyl
Grip Assist: Django Nou
2nd Grip Assist: Tim Carlier
Art Director: Gareth Wilkes
Standby Props: Tom Healey
Art Assist: Ben Allen
Wardrobe/Stylist: Chloe Spalding
Wardrobe Assist: Hannah Sitters
Hair & Make Up: Natasha Stone
HMU Assist: Bonnie Charles
Sound Recordist: Will Sheridan
Photographer: Jonathan van der Knaap
Photo Assist: Jack Turner, Dylan Stark
Retoucher: Paul Munzberg
Steadicam Operator: Shane Booth
Drone Pilot: Adelaide Aerial
Production Runner: Hamish Tamlin
Vehicle Wrangler: Paul Wambach & Mike Sievers
Catering: Yvonne Karabatsos
Unit: Steve Russell
Casting: Angela Heesom, Heesom Casting
Editor: Tim Eddy
VFX: Tim Eddy James Choe, Collusion Pictures
Online & Grade: Matt Campbell
Composition: Seeingsounds
Sound Production: Scott Illingworth
Vocals Feature: Vision & Kultar Ahluwalia

Media Agency: Wavemaker