Film, Photography & Audio

Creative video production, photography, audio, animation & visual effects are made for telling your brand story in a captivating and original way.

  • Art meets marketing when you engage our production services to make your brand vision come to life.

    Film, Photography, Audio and Animation are made for telling your brand story in a captivating and original way, with meaning carefully woven through every moment.

    Whether it is a brand film, TVC, OOH or multi-platform integrated creative campaign, you can create an impactful piece of communication to engage with your customer on a deeper level through vision and sound.

    Underpinning the success and quality of our film and photography outputs is our professional in house production management service.

    Our dynamic in-house Producer provides peace of mind at all shoots by coordinating budgets, schedules, casting, styling, wardrobe, location scouting, file management, distribution and legal requirements.

  • Customised team

    Every project is unique, requiring a diverse set of skills and expertise. Whether you need a small team for a quick project or a large-scale production crew for a major campaign, we are able to build tailored production teams to meet your specific video needs.

    Working in partnership with our creative directors, our in-house Producer will work closely with you to handpick professionals from our network of leading videographers, editors, art directors, sound engineers, and other specialists who have the right skills that complement our experienced in-house team to deliver your vision.

    With our expertise in team building and project management, we can easily adjust the size and composition of the team to ensure that we continue to meet your expectations.

  • Film

    Film remains our most visible form of storytelling, however as technology has advanced, so have our abilities to tell your brand story in new and engaging ways.

    Our multidisciplinary creative video production and film team includes direction, production management, styling and visual direction, video producers, editors and motion graphics specialists, who have worked on long and short form film content for many leading brands across Australia.

    Working closely with our highly-skilled production coordinator, we are constantly looking for fresh ways to elevate film to new and exciting heights and find different ways to express your story.

    Our expertise in film spans scripting, storyboarding and directing; art direction and visual treatment; filming, editing and colour grading, as well as visual effects, motion graphics, and 3D.

  • Photography

    Photography stills remain a central part of every brand to express who your organisation is and what they stand for. Its timeless nature and ability to be used across such a wide variety of print and digital channels make it a worthy investment at every stage of your brand’s growth.

    On location or in-studio, we are experienced in product, lifestyle, corporate, advertising, editorial, and campaign photography. This includes concepting, art direction, colour correction, grading, retouching and compositing.

  • Audio

    From podcasts and voice-overs, to bespoke music and jingles, creating the perfect sound can make all the difference for your brand’s positioning and recall.

    Whether it is scripting you have provided or words crafted by our outstanding copywriters and communicators, our sound production team has the technology and expertise to capture your unique voice.

    Our audio offering extends to music sourcing, where we provide a research and licensing service to match our clients with relevant artists.

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