Brand Strategy & Identity

We craft thoughtful, distinctive visual identities with feeling to build brand equity and brand recognition

  • There are few assets more important to the success of your business than your brand.

    A strong brand not only provides a clear identity for your organisation, but it allows you to create deeper connections with your customers and clients, build trust and brand equity, and attract new employees. It tells people who you are and what you stand for.

    At Fuller, building a brand begins with a carefully considered and clearly defined strategy which provides a deep understanding of your brand and charts a clear direction forward for your organisation.

  • Brand Strategy

    The foundation of every brand strategy lies in understanding your “heart story” – a narrative that communicates your brand’s values and belief systems, encapsulating who you are, where you have come from and who you aspire to be.

    Our proven Brand Strategy process allows us to understand this heart story and your point of difference as the foundation for brand messaging and visual identity design.

    Beginning with a discovery phase to gain a deeper understanding of your business and competitive environment, our brand strategists then work collaboratively with you and your stakeholders through consultation and workshops to gain key insights into your brand.

    Through this process, the Brand Strategy will establish well-informed brand foundations, key pillars and reflective messaging to inform your visual identity.

    As part of our Brand Strategy process, we can also provide expert advice on the recommended brand architecture to achieve your organisational vision, as well as specialist guidance on brand names should it be required. Our relationship with trademark lawyers ensures our naming process is well-researched and efficient.

  • Brand Identity

    Fuller’s expert designers specialise in crafting thoughtful, distinctive and flexible visual identities with feeling.

    Guided by expansive brand strategy, our team of award-winning designers are able to evolve existing brands or develop new visual identities which capture your heart story, gain critical brand recognition, and set you apart from your competitors.
    Our brand process also provides detailed style guides which encompass your logo, brand colours, typography, iconography, imagery and photographic styles, digital style guides, tone-of-voice, brand messaging, branded audio and brand assets, to help inform your internal team when applying the brand moving forward.

    As a full-service agency, we have in-house expertise in bringing your brand to life once the identity has been finalised. Guided by the same account manager and strategist, our approach ensures that each element of execution is carefully managed to reflect your new brand.

  • Marketing Communications Strategy

    A marketing communications strategy is an action plan for your brand to engage with consumers, generate and convert them into customers and supporters.

    By understanding what you are seeking to achieve and putting that at the centre of our thinking, our Marketing Communications Strategies outline the strategic principles and actionable activities to achieve your goal and build brand equity.

    We seek to gain a deep knowledge of your target audiences, and utilise the communication options which are best suited to reach them.

    As a fully integrated agency, we are able to draw on our internal expertise in design, website development, digital marketing, social media management, public relations, printed collateral, advertising, production, film, video and animation to provide you with a broad and well-considered Marketing Communications Strategy.

    A Marketing Communications Strategy can be completed as part of a new brand strategy and/or identity, or can be developed to build on an existing branding strategy.

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