Brand Research & Consumer Insights

We love to solve complex brand challenges for our clients, and this begins with gaining a deeper understanding of your audience.

  • Our highly experienced marketing research team has worked with B2B and B2C businesses across a range of industries, including financial services, professional services, healthcare services, automotive and aerospace, government and not for profit.

    Every organisation faces a unique set of challenges, and so our research methodologies are designed per client and per project to ensure we extract the key insights that will solve your brand challenges.

    Equipped with insights that come directly from our brand and market research, you will be better prepared to proactively review, reinvigorate and grow your brand.
    Our market research experts are based in Sydney and Adelaide, with the ability to work from any location.

  • Qualitative Research

    Qualitative research engages with audiences one-on-one to understand key motivations and drivers behind attitudes, consumer insights, stakeholder analysis, and perceptions towards brands. Our client-specific approach means we draw upon a range of qualitative research methodologies as part of our overall strategy.

    Stakeholder interviews are a powerful tool that extracts and unpacks the issues within your business and explores the key challenges you face. Whether it involves clients, senior internal stakeholders, or external partners, in-depth interviews are an opportunity to dive deep into the driving forces behind their vision and passions. Those involved are encouraged to be open and freely exchange information, allowing us to cover sensitive and confidential topics.

    Focus groups allow us to gather a diverse group of internal or external stakeholders in a controlled environment to extract insights, test concepts and draw out broader brand considerations.

    An evolution of traditional qualitative focus groups is online communities, a specifically-designed digital environment for a closed group of people. Online communities elicit comprehensive and deep responses from consumers in a forum that is often more familiar and convenient for digital users.

  • Quantitative Research

    Quantitative research provides data-driven confirmation to measure brand awareness and propensity to purchase.

    This data-focused mode of research is highly valuable when used on its own, however when combined with qualitative research, quantitative data offers deeper actionable insights to support or explain qualitative findings, or to identify gaps that require further analysis.

    Whether it is online surveys to measure external perspectives or employee surveys to gather the internal perception of the brand and help identify any obstacles or challenges, quantitative research is essential to providing informative and accurate insights about your brand.

  • Brand Measurement

    In a fast changing world, it is critical to keep your finger on the pulse of public perceptions and potential misconceptions held about your brand. The question we are constantly asked is ‘how do I begin to measure brand awareness?”

    Brand tracking is periodic or continuous research to monitor and measure a brand’s performance over time across brand awareness, brand preference and product usage.

    The ability to track your brand’s health is critically important for marketers to deliver for business owners and stakeholders, who require evidence of return on investment for marketing initiatives.

    This can be achieved through brand benchmarking, which includes researching the market to set base brand metrics that future brand research studies can be measured against, as well as brand tracking, which provides our expert market researchers with key insights that will help you adjust your ongoing brand management to achieve optimal results.

  • Brand Research as a Marketing Tool

    Businesses are increasingly rethinking research, and are sharing it outside of their organisation. Market research has the ability to position their brand as a thought leader, engage with their customers, build their profile as a generous brand and provide positive search engine rankings through keywords and backlinks.

    Following a carefully developed research project, findings can be shared as statistical highlights in an infographic through EDM or social media, or can be evolved into a white paper or a video series.

    Research which considers industry or social trends can be a great value-add for clients in business-to-business brands, and can create public relations opportunities for those working in business-to-customer organisations.

    When this is added to the internal benefits of the knowledge gained through research, brand research can be a valuable addition to your organisation’s strategy to promote their brand’s story and key messages.

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