Design & Motion Graphics

Elevate your brand with our award-winning designers and production studio through animation, custom illustration, and visual effects.

  • Nothing is better than seeing a brand which you have carefully developed come to life.

    Through thoughtful and original design, custom illustration, typography, visual effects and animation, our award-winning designers and motion graphics artists are able to work within your brand guidelines to create collateral that will catch the eye and elevate your brand.

  • Visual Identity & Graphic Design

    Once your brand strategy is complete, our designers are ready to create a visual identity which truly reflects your organisation.

    We’ve developed comprehensive style guides and brand hierarchies for a range of high-profile brands, including digital design and online style guides.

    Our designers are experienced in executing design roll out using brand guidelines to help you visually express who your brand is and what it stands for through our range of visual identity services.

    No matter how you wish to present your visual identity, including signage, print, digital, packaging and iconography, our skilled and multifaceted team are able to meet your needs.

  • Illustration

    When words are not enough, or too much, custom illustration can be an outstanding choice to help tell your brand’s story and differentiate your brand from your competitors.

    Illustrations can add context when your subject matter is difficult to explain or sensitive in nature, or help you present complex information in an easier to understand way. They can also be used to support a friendly and engaging brand tone, add excitement to a simple narrative or to help tell a story in a more exciting way.

    Fuller’s designers can produce custom illustrations in a variety of styles, from 2D to 3D.

  • Typography

    Type is one of your brand’s most distinctive assets. It can encapsulate your brand story in a subtle yet impactful way by representing values like strength, compassion, and ambition.

    From your logo to written copy in your latest brochure, typography can play a huge role in elevating the presentation of your brand.

    Fuller’s award-winning typography designers are skilled in creating memorable and accessible custom typefaces for print and digital applications.

  • Animation

    Elevate your brand story with captivating motion graphics and animation.

    Through colour, movement and imagination, motion graphic design and visual effects can serve as the perfect tool to increase brand engagement, boost brand recall, simplify complex information and drive conversions

    Adding animation to your logo can inject energy into a static logo or graphic to bring attention to your brand, while motion graphics can visualise your information, making it easier for people to understand and retain your brand and messaging.

    Our production studio can execute a range of animation styles for your brand. This includes custom animations for social media, explainer videos, film title animations, logo animations and infographics.

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