Coffee with PK

Coffee With PK has finished 🙁

Coffee with PK (CwPK) was a virtual networking event hosted by Fuller’s Business Development Manager, Paul (PK) Kitching from 2020 ’til 2023.

It was chance for anyone and everyone to network and meet other people…over a coffee!

The very first CwPK happened on 20/3/20, soon proving to be a massive hit and so popular the chats ran every day for over a year.

They evolved as the post-Covid world saw the return of IRL networking, with the chats moving to face to face.

Initially every day, in the end the CwPK chats happened online every Tuesday at 10.30am (ACST) via Google Meet.
Nearly 4 years later the final chat (#370!) happened on 13/12/23.

And why no more CwPK? Here’s PK to explain:

“As much as I loved them, the ‘Coffee With PK’ chats were only ever meant to be a way of networking during Covid, and then took on a life of their own. After nearly 4 years I just wanted to finish them on a high, whilst also looking to what comes next. One of those things is that I have been appointed as the new Co-President of the AADC (Adelaide Advertising & Design Club) for 2024/25. The AADC for those playing at home is our creative industry association and this is a part time volunteer role. So the time I was devoting to CwPK will now be diverted into the AADC and helping our industry grow and thrive. And of course I’ll still be here full time with Fuller.”

Whilst they are no longer happening, there are other things afoot… including some offshoots like ‘RAP with PK’
RAP being the Reconciliation Action Plan – and that chat now being renamed The Yarning Circle with more to come.

And plans for a ‘BCorp with PK’ and potentially others.