Every workday at 10.30am, grab a coffee and join Fuller’s Business Development Manager, Paul (PK) Kitching, for a virtual networking event! Coffee with PK is a chance for anyone and everyone to talk openly about how they are coping, surviving, and adapting in these ever-changing times.

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What is Coffee With PK?

Coffee With PK is a virtual chat fest, support network, and break from your routine! It’s a chance to (virtually) meet new people and talk openly and freely about how you are coping, surviving, adapting in these ever-changing and challenging times.

When is CoffeeWith PK?

Coffee With PK is held at 10.30am (ACST) every weekday via Google Hangouts.

How does Coffee With PK work?

Coffee with PK is a 45 minute* virtual coffee chat. It’s an opportunity for social interaction, a chance to meet someone new (other than your family or pet!) and enjoy some networking.

Maybe some work will come from it, and maybe you will learn something.

Coffee With PK is endorsed by Fuller Brand Communication (I’m its Business Development Manager), so sometimes we do talk about brands and some of the work we are doing, but it is not a sales pitch. Every day is different, and the conversation flows depending on who is in the chat!

*You can join/leave whenever you like, it’s all very easy.

How do I join?

Book your session by filling in the form at fuller.com.au/coffee-with-pk/.

Once you’ve registered, I will send you a meeting request using Google Calendar. This meeting request will contain a unique link for your nominated session only.

I usually send the meeting invite the afternoon before your session at about 4pm. This means you can click on the link before the session begins, to make sure you have the audio and video set up. It will prompt you to add Hangouts or Meet if you haven’t already downloaded the software.

What do we talk about?

Whatever comes up! Everyone introduces themselves and says what they do (or usually do!). Maybe a quick reflection. Then once all the introductions are done, I pick up on something someone said to get the conversation flowing.

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve made some new connections, we’ve reacquainted with others, we’ve even helped someone acquire a webcam! You just never know…

Can I return for another session?

Absolutely, I encourage it! You simply need to book your session by filling in the form at fuller.com.au/coffee-with-pk/.

Will you use my email address?

I will use your email address to invite you to Coffee with PK, and it will be visible to others in that session if they wish to connect with you. Rest assured, your email won’t be sold to an external database.

I will however reach out and ask at some point if it is okay to add your email to the Fuller EDM database. We send a monthly blog via EDM about brand communication, but you are always welcome to decline that of course.

I don’t think I am interesting enough to join a session!

Are you kidding? You are awesome at what you do, whatever it is. Even if you are not doing it at the moment. No one will judge you. We are all in this together and you don’t even have to say much – just observe, take it all in and hopefully benefit from the time spent!