The New LinkedIn

If you are a perpetual user of LinkedIn you will have noticed the social media platform’s recent desktop renovation taking place gradually, across all accounts.

If you haven’t noticed, it may be because you – like many Australians – question the benefits of the LinkedIn platform for you and your business.

If it is the latter, you might want to jump back on and take a look at the LinkedIn redesign.

The new look design isn’t just a flat-pack kitchen renovation – LinkedIn has transformed from a dated maisonette, to a custom home designed for socialising, working and living in.

It was about time the clumsy social media platform smartened up its act, with LinkedIn co-founder, Reid Hoffman, recently admitting the layout “needed work”.

But according to Chris Pruett, Senior Director of Engineering at LinkedIn, the key changes have been driven by a focus on content.

“This desktop redesign brings conversations and content to the heart of the platform, so you can more easily share ideas, join a discussion, and discover news and topics you care about,” Chris writes.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the structural changes LinkedIn has made to its website to improve the user experience and make content key.

Improved navigation

You may remember the old LinkedIn navigational system ran across two lines and used a mixture of icons and words, which could make it confusing at times, and difficult to use.

The new navigation system has seven “core areas” on the bar navigation, which LinkedIn outlines as: Home (Your Feed), Messaging, Jobs, Notifications, Me, My Network, and Search.

“With one simple click on the “more” icon on the navigation bar you can also launch into other experiences that matter to you, like LinkedIn Learning,” Chris says.

Message anyone from anywhere

LinkedIn used to allow you to send private messages in an email type layout. This has now been upgraded to a very Facebook-esque design with a pop up at the bottom of your screen, allowing you to instantly communicate with your contacts without having to change screens like you used to.
There is also a handy message button next to a person’s name which allows you to contact them at any time, when navigating through pages.

Better search functions

There is now one universal search box, which allows you to easily find people, companies, jobs, schools and groups. This search function can be refined by using the filter options at the top and on the right hand side of the screen.

LinkedIn also recently announced it would be developing this functionality even further to allow users to search posts.

This is a major improvement on the old search function and makes finding exactly what you need on LinkedIn much easier and a lot more efficient.

Notifications are easier to navigate

Notifications now have their own specific landing page, which can be found on the top navigation bar menu. The new layout is much easier to navigate and a lot more user friendly.

It allows the user to view people in their network who have published an article, or have been mentioned in news for work anniversaries, birthdays, and promotions. Notifications will also come up when users have interacted with one another, including: follows, content engagements, or endorsements.

What people are saying about the LinkedIn Redesign

FULLER’s Business Development Manager, Paul Kitching, uses LinkedIn on a regular basis to help him further his already impressive connections within Adelaide. With this in mind we asked him his opinion of the new layout.

It’s excellent to see LinkedIn continue to evolve and remain relevant as a useful networking tool. I love the new newsfeed making it much easier to be interactive with my network. It’s also so much easier now to see all notifications together on a separate page. These kind of efficient updates make me want to use LinkedIn even more.

So, while the dated tiles and shag green carpet might be fresh in your mind, now might be the time to return to LinkedIn and check out the renovations – we promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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