Autism SA

A co-designed education platform for autistic adults, by autistic adults.

The Brief

An online life-skills resource for autistic adults who want to learn more about adulthood.

Following the success of Fuller’s previous co-designed project with Autism SA, The Spectrum, the Adelaide-based not-for-profit approached Fuller in 2021 to undertake another federally funded, co-designed project for the autistic community – this time for autistic adults.

The initial brief was to create a series of learning modules about social skills, housed on an interactive website (a learning management system or LMS) that could take users on an educational journey of their choosing.

The project started with a literature review followed by a strategic workshop with key decision makers from Autism SA, to delve into research findings and facilitate a discussion about the rollout of the project, including: target audiences, goals, objectives, brand messaging, and key strategies for the production, publication and dissemination of the education modules.

Services Provided

Brand Strategy & Identity, Design & Motion Graphics, Creative Campaigns, Film, Photography & Audio, Digital Marketing & SEO, Website, Communications, PR & Social Media


Fuller developed a comprehensive strategic activation plan which outlined target audiences, goals, measurable objectives, brand messaging, and recommended digital platforms.


Using the brand messaging we had developed as a guide, the national advisory committee (a group of autistic adults consulted throughout the project), decided on the name ‘Autistics’ Guide To Adulthood’.

Research insights on autism friendly design informed the development of a strong font-driven brand, highlighted by vibrant green, and supported by the use of an arrow as a unique brand asset, and imagery of autistic adults on a path of discovery.


Working closely with Autism SA and the national advisory committee, Fuller’s content team researched, wrote and reviewed more than 125,000 words of content for ten learning modules.

Fuller’s production team rolled out more than 90 infographics and 30 videos, including interviews.


Following intensive research, Fuller’s digital team recommended a custom Learning Management System to house the guide, and a simple user-friendly website to act as the entry-point.


A marketing strategy was implemented one month after the website went live, including video and static advertising on Meta channels, Google display and search ads, and a national pitch to mainstream media outlets across the country.