Video case study showcases journey underground for BHP’s new starters.

School of Rock!
Video and photo production, communications

At BHP’s Olympic Dam asset, the underground development team established a new Mining School of Excellence in late 2018 to help improve the on boarding process, safety, education, culture, and overall experience for new starters.

Of the 66 people who started the school in December 2018, only four of them had ever been to a mine site prior to arriving at Olympic Dam, making the training program essential for safety and retention.

Over its first six months of operation the ‘school of rock’ has helped new starters, especially those without a mining background, to gain experience underground, preparing them to integrate into the business.

To showcase the importance of the training program and the extensive work done by the underground development team, BHP approached Fuller to capture new photography of the school and its students, and a video case study to disseminate the good news story.


Fuller worked with BHP’s Olympic Dam communications team and project manager of the Mining School of Excellence ‘school of rock’, to define key messages to include in the case study video, leaders and students to interview and capture on camera, and targeted interview questions to guide storytelling.

A communication and videography team then travelled to Olympic Dam for a two-day immersion underground, where interviews were conducted with trainers, students, contractors and managers to tell the story of the school and its outcomes for those involved in the new training program.


The resulting five-minute video told the story of Olympic Dam’s ‘school of rock’ program through the people who developed it, and those who participated in its inaugural year.

The beautifully shot case study video provides a rare insight into life underground and the diverse characters who contribute to daily life at Olympic Dam.

A suite of high-quality photographs were also captured to highlight the environment underground and the people who make Olympic Dam such a great place to learn, work and grow.

The video and images have been used for an award submission, and will also be used in media liaison and on the Olympic Dam Facebook page.

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