Identity clash leads to revolutionary rebrand

When disability support provider HomePlace (formerly known as ISAS) faced an identity clash with Islamic militant group, ISIS, it was time to rebrand.


What would you do if an international terrorist group arrived on the world stage with a name very similar to yours?

It is a scenario that South Australian disability support provider, HomePlace (formerly known as ISAS – Independent Supported Accommodation Service), had to face up to when Islamic militant group, ISIS, started making global headlines in 2013.

So what did they do?

They turned to FULLER to help them undertake a rebrand and communications strategy that would relaunch the organisation into a marketplace soon to be transformed by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) – the most significant reform the sector has ever seen.

The new brand and messaging had to capture the history, experience and essence of the organisation, as well as position it to thrive in the NDIS environment.


marketing collateral design


Repositioning the organisation

Despite the unfortunate identity clash, the rebranding of the organisation was about much more than a new name. According to HomePlace’s Chief Executive, Shirley Paterson, it was about finding an identity that better captured the services offered by the independent, community based organisation, and positioned it positively as the sector transitioned to the NDIS where providers will have to more clearly articulate their offering.

A place to call home

After extensive research and consultation as part of FULLER’s brand and communication strategy process, we uncovered that the essence of the organisation’s brand was about its clients finding security, independence and an identity through their home – summarised by the statement ‘A place to call home’.

The organisation was started more than 25 years ago by a group of parents who were seeking to secure an independent future for their intellectually disabled adult children. The parents wanted to feel confident and assured that their sons and daughters, who they had cared for until adulthood, could move into their own home, and be well supported and looked after.

This sentiment underpins everything the organisation has built and achieved over more than two decades, as well as the range of services they offer today, from lifestyle, relationship and financial support through to health, wellness and employment assistance.

Brand rollout

Once the rebrand was completed, FULLER undertook a change management exercise ensuring it found widespread acceptance and recognition among the organisation’s staff and stakeholders. A full suite of marketing collateral, from corporate stationery and signage, through to a corporate brochure, marketing kit and merchandise was also designed and printed.

Additionally, FULLER provided advice on a launch to engage both internal and external audiences, as well as designing the re-skin of the website and developing website content. Finally, FULLER provided public relations support for the relaunch.

banner design


The project utilised FULLER’s full service marketing offering and resulted in the repositioning of HomePlace as a contemporary and experienced disability service provider, well placed to assist clients with the transition to the NDIS, and well into the future.

  • New brand identity repositioned HomePlace to take advantage of new market conditions.
  • Change management of brand roll out created positivity and goodwill amongst staff and stakeholders.
  • Homeplace has a more engaged workforce that understands the essence of the company’s brand.