Ongoing public relations campaign drives national conversation on housing affordability.

HomeStart Finance
Ongoing public relations
2013 - 2017
HomeStart Finance
Communications strategy, public and media relations, stakeholder relations, content marketing, publications, activations and events.

Innovative home lender HomeStart Finance engaged Fuller to undertake ongoing and intensive public relations activities to lift its brand awareness and increase sales. During the partnership, Fuller was tasked with managing a number of milestones and issues through communications, including leading the debate nationally on housing affordability, the potential sale of the organisation and its 25th birthday celebrations.


HomeStart’s positioning in the market was based around helping young people achieve home ownership ‘sooner’. The public relations strategy centred on promoting the many different ways that HomeStart Finance helps make home ownership a reality. Tactical activity included story development, media pitching and relationship building and events.

Another central element of the strategy was building the profile of the HomeStart’s Chief Executive Officer and other key staff members.

As the partnership developed, Fuller’s scope of work increased to include content marketing, publications, activations and large-scale events.


More than 250 media stories were pitched during the five-year partnership, which resulted in more than 450 media stories across print, television, radio and online with an audience reach of more than 40 million and a value of $3 million (iSentia ASR).

Through the partnership, Fuller assisted HomeStart Finance to lead the debate on housing affordability, with highlights including being asked to present at the Senate Inquiry into Housing Affordability, and an opinion piece (ghostwritten for the CEO) appearing in The Australian in the days leading up to the 2016 Federal Budget – dubbed the ‘housing affordability’ budget.

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