Strategic integrated marketing attracts new clients for Maxima.

I love Mondays
Digital Strategy, Print, Radio

Maxima is a not-for-profit employment services and training organisation with a 30-year history and is a leading provider for the Federal Government’s Disability Employment Services (DES) program.

DES was set up for people with a classified disability or health condition to access government assistance to find employment.

In May 2018, the Australian Government announced changes to the DES program, which included allowing participants to choose their own provider, as opposed to the previous arrangement where a provider was allocated to them.

Maxima engaged Fuller to help it increase awareness of Maxima as a DES provider and retain existing, and attract new, DES customers.


Fuller recommended an integrated marketing campaign targeting existing participants in the DES program from the moment they were notified (by letter) about the changes by the Government, as well as building awareness of the program and assistance available for potential clients with no knowledge of DES and who were unaware that they were eligible for assistance.

The campaign creative was built around the core message – “I love Mondays – Get working with Maxima”.

The campaign strategy included extensive print, outdoor, transit and radio advertising, in the key markets Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart and regional Victoria, as well as sophisticated digital marketing. The digital marketing increased awareness through Google Display ads and YouTube pre-roll animations. Facebook was used to increase engagement and awareness with each advert aimed at encouraging questions with the Maxima team.

The offline and online adverts drove consumers to Google, where Paid Search encouraged traffic to the Maxima website for more information and conversions.

The digital marketing campaign was key in driving client conversions for the campaign, working hand-in-hand with traditional channels utilised.

Before setting the campaign live, Fuller designed, wrote and built a landing page and four SEO friendly information pages on the Maxima website.

These were built with key messages from the campaign and aimed to answer all questions relating back to the key search phrases around DES and the changes. These pages contained a different phone number and contact form to the rest of the site, making conversions easy to track.

Advertising based around the campaign’s key message was then implemented across radio and digital advertising including Google Display Network, Paid Search and Facebook advertising to drive engagement, and Paid Search to drive conversions.


In the first year the digital campaign reached 11,587,041 with overall traffic increasing by 14.46% year on year; the website saw an increase in traffic for DES by 610.3% year on year and a 286.37% increase in organic traffic for DES services.

Feedback from Maxima revealed that the KPI for new DES clients was met within the first six months of the campaign.