Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance

Untamed. Unadulterated. Unpretentious.
And quite simply, unfiltered.

The Brief

What makes Kangaroo Island the must visit South Australian destination?

Kangaroo Island is a different world. It goes against fake and modified expressions of beauty and reality. The island is as real as it gets. It’s raw. It’s authentic.

Following the 2020 bushfires and the global pandemic, the Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance (KITA) received a marketing grant from the Commonwealth Governments Regional Recovery for Tourism Funding (RRTF) program. KITA challenged Fuller to position Kangaroo Island as the must visit destination in South Australia.

After almost two years of Covid restrictions, we found people were in search of things that were real, authentic and wholesome. They were tired of superficial lifestyles. They wanted to go back to the basics.

We created a platform that not only captured the essence of the island and its inhabitants, but challenged an ‘Instagram’ world that lived across the waters to experience something it was craving for: an unfiltered life.

Fuller developed an ecosystem of custom fonts and colours, understated shooting styles, grading guides and a beautifully raw audio track, to create the ‘unfiltered’ look and feel.

Bringing 'Unfiltered' to Life

We created six content pillars to tell the ‘unfiltered’ story, and brought it to life through a brand ad, a series of tourism experience films and a set of documentary-style pieces that showcased life on the island. A comprehensive digital marketing campaign targeted likely travellers through social media, long form written content, and search advertising. This was complemented by outdoor and print advertising, and a PR activation with social influencers.

Results of the campaign

  • 13,461,530

    Total impressions

  • 2,887,948

    Video views

  • 120,360

    Website visitors

Hundreds of gigabytes of footage captured, thousands of photographs collected, amazing collaborations and one epic experience.

The ‘Unfiltered’ footage and photography formed KITA’s new website, and a library for the Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance to tap into and continue to tell the island’s story.

Fuller would like to thank our external collaborators for helping us tell the ‘Unfiltered’ story.

Nicola Tate – Consulting Producer • Randy Larcombe – Cinematographer / Director • Christopher Morrison – Photographer • Alex Robertson – Photographer • Scott Illingworth (Seeing Sounds) – Sound Design / Campaign Track • Justin Van Zyl – AC / Grip / 2nd Cam • Angie Christobel (RMT Management) – Talent Management