Department of the Premier and Cabinet

A conscious call to those looking to find a new purpose—a new career—a new lifestyle in South Australia.

The Brief

How do we attract and retain a future generation of South Australians?

South Australia is a place that makes you feel something, deep down. Where you can live, work and play with deeper purpose.

To find true purpose, you need to start with a strong identity. The South Australian Government’s Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) identified that to increase population and make South Australia a ‘Magnet State’, they needed to change its outdated perception with young people, by promoting a clear state identity with an inspiring understanding of what SA has to offer.

Repositioning your state is no easy feat, and following a competitive pitch process, Fuller was appointed to work hand-in-hand with the population strategy team at DPC. Our team of integrated creatives, designers, website developers, strategists, writers and public relations specialists immersed themselves into creating a modern narrative to attract young global talent to make the move, and forge a new future in South Australia.

A New State of Mind was born — a national integrated campaign igniting a new, bold identity for South Australia.

Services Provided

Brand Strategy & Identity, Design & Motion Graphics, Creative Campaigns, Film, Photography & Audio, Digital Marketing & SEO, Website, Communications, PR & Social Media

A New State of Mind is a movement, a conscious call to arms uniting the people of South Australia with an identity of power to drive change and make their mark.

Enter a New State of Mind

The campaign was strategically brought to life based on the value proposition that South Australia is connected, inspired and unexpected; a place for people who want to live with purpose.

We creatively challenged interstate perceptions through a trailblazing integrated campaign of big, bold, and beautiful storytelling.

To ensure seamless integration of the campaign, we continually stress-tested the identity values against our three key brand messaging pillars; Purpose, Career and Lifestyle. These pillars underpinned our identity attributes, whilst creating awareness of targeted key growth industries.

You can feel that, right?

Spearheading the movement and amplifying our state’s personality, Fuller managed a production team of more than 100 creatives to produce a brand film featuring forward-thinking, progressive and inspiring people from within South Australia.

A series of supporting documentary-style stories featuring influential South Australians was also produced.

A comprehensive digital marketing campaign targeted young people from interstate through articles, social media, digital ads and search advertising, with all digital activity leading back to a website built by Fuller. This was complemented by outdoor and print advertising, and public relations activity.

Join the Ripple effect

To grow momentum and state pride, the campaign has also sponsored and supported world-leading events, state award shows, digital and news media purpose-driven stories, and innovative new programs.

Quarter One Results

The Campaign has already achieved a phenomenal 7% increase in ‘openness to move’ to South Australia from interstate respondents in the target market.

Adelaide has also jumped four positions from 8th to 4th in the ‘preferred destinations to live’ for respondents in the target market from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

A New State of Mind is the start of a ripple effect, set to forge our State ahead and connect our people for years to come.

From wardrobe to websites, music to motion graphics, as well as developing the visual identity and brand messaging, Fuller would like to thank all the passionate South Australians who’ve made the New State of Mind campaign possible.