Brand and creative strategy to launch a ‘Game Chainging’ new range of lifting products.

Branding, creative strategy, content production, video and photo production, digital marketing, advertising, website development.

Founded in 1911, Nobles is a leading specialist provider of lifting and rigging equipment, technical services and engineering design in Australia.

In 2019, Nobles launched a new range of Grade 100 chain product into the lifting and rigging market.

Designed and strenuously tested in-house by their engineers, their Grade 100 chain solution was stronger and lighter than Grade 80 chain products, but without a premium price tag.

Nobles approached Fuller to develop a brand and creative strategy to launch the new Nobles Grade 100 product into the market.


Targeting operators, procurement managers and business owners in the crane, mining, manufacturing and oil and gas industries, Nobles was seeking a creative campaign that would generate cut-through and memorability within the industry.

After undertaking market research, Fuller developed a brand for the Grade 100 product, NOBLE10, and tagline, Game Chainging.

Central to the development of the NOBLE10 brand and creative strategy was the selection of a brand ambassador, Jordan ‘Biggie’ Steffens – Australia’s most powerful man.

Along with the NOBLE10 chain, Jordan’s image and persona was used in all creative assets, including print and online advertising in industry publications, in a suite of videos created as content for social media and on the NOBLE10 landing page, in digital marketing across social media and Google, and marketing collateral including product brochures, EDMs and email signatures.

Fuller also designed, developed and copywrote a landing page for the NOBLE10 chain, housed on the Nobles website.


In the launch month, Nobles logged the most users and sessions to their website, and the NOBLE10 product range was the sixth most popular product visited on the site.

Customer adoption of NOBLE10 exceeded expectations with market demand 60 per cent higher than planned – in fact, Nobles had to bring forward future orders to satisfy customer demand. Due to the success and easy adoption of NOBLE10, Nobles have decided to expand the product range.

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