Digital content campaign promotes fast and convenient payment solutions for People’s Choice.

People’s Choice Credit Union
Payments at the speed of life
People’s Choice Credit Union
Strategy, photo and video production, digital marketing, creative direction

Fuller was selected to assist People’s Choice Credit Union with an integrated campaign to promote its simple, fast and convenient payment solutions, including Fast Payments, which sees transfers between financial institutions take place in minutes, and mobile payments using Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

The campaign would promote these innovative payment solutions across a range of digital channels, targeting 18 – 39 year old males and females in SA, NT, Vic and ACT.

Key objectives of the campaign included:

  1. Increase awareness that People’s Choice is ‘ahead of the curve’ when it comes to payment innovations, making members’ lives easier.
  2. Increase take-up and usage of mobile payments and PayID (Fast Payments) services.
Increase millennial awareness of People’s Choice and acquire new millennial members.

Fuller recommended an integrated campaign to promote People’s Choice’s fast payment and mobile payment solutions, demonstrating how these services change day-to-day lives (simpler, faster, more convenient), not just meet financial services needs.

The solution focused on the production of short (6, 15 and 30 seconds), engaging video content for digital distribution that would be transferable across a range of channels including the People’s Choice website campaign page, eDMs / DMs and catch up TV.

Fuller recommended a four-month intensive digital content campaign across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Display to reach the target audience and achieve campaign objectives.

Services utilised to deliver the campaign included campaign creative, digital distribution strategy, video content creation including production, creative direction and post production. Fuller also set up and directed the still, deep-etched photography for use across point of sale materials in branches and across digital assets.

Our creative process developed a central idea of “sorted”, a scenario led campaign that connected with the audience by showing short, relatable, everyday moments (which are sometimes humorous) where People’s Choice payment solutions enable easy transactions. Each scenario features limited dialogue and finishes with the line ‘sorted’. The idea ties back to the campaign objective of positioning People’s Choice as a financial institution that is “ahead of the curve” and can make your life easier.

To communicate the campaign tagline “Payments at the speed of life”, the creative focussed on everyday payment scenarios.

The two scenarios chosen to launch the campaign to market were two mates sharing a pizza at home, transferring money between their accounts and a mother and daughter at a café, paying for coffee.


A snapshot of results from January 2018 to January 2019 included:

  • The message that People’s Choice can make your life easier was communicated through the campaign creative.
  • Uptake of The Pays and PayID services increased by a total of 128% over the period. The Pays transactions per month increased by 160%.
  • Increase in millennial awareness of People’s Choice resulted in 45% of people using The Pays are 16 – 25 and 29% of people using The Pays are aged 26 – 40.
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