Two websites. One fluid experience.

The Brief

Create an optimal digital experience for both Seima's industry and consumer audiences

In July 2022, Seima engaged Fuller on a brand-building mission.

They had a bold ambition to become a top three supplier of bathroomware and laundry and kitchen products to the Australian building industry by 2031.

To do this, they needed to grow the company’s brand beyond the B2B market, by winning over the hearts and minds of home renovators – aka consumers!

Fuller developed a marketing strategy, creative concept, a suite of video and photographic assets, and importantly, a new website that both reflected the updated creative approach, and resonated with a consumer audience.


Through Fuller’s discovery phase, it became apparent that one website wasn’t going to accommodate both Seima’s industry and consumer audience.

A builder looking to specify a sink, and a mum seeking renovation inspiration, have very different needs.

Here’s what we did.

We decided to build two websites.

Two front ends, two different designs, two sets of website copy and two sets of Google meta data — all connected to one database set and one CMS (WordPress) to reduce administration time. Phew!

First up, Fuller needed to access, reconfigure and produce custom attributes for Seima’s database of products, so that all products could be managed from one dataset.

This dataset became the one ‘source of truth’ for Seima, with product details automatically pulling through to the website. It also meant that Seima’s team could manage all their product data in one location, ensuring it remained accurate and up-to-date.

Next, we configured a Wordpress CMS to read one database set, one set of plugins and a shared theme to produce two front ends with different functionality.

At go-live, the websites weren’t just different in appearance.

The consumer website focused on a content strategy to drive SEO traffic, housed a Pinterest-worthy Inspiration Hub and provided a product search and wishlist function.

Meanwhile, the Pro website housed content featuring technical, industry language, provided access to gated content and products for industry members, and highlighted Seima’s customer service delivery in an online space.

After 12 months of planning, building and testing the two websites, as well as creating beautiful photography and videography for the new advertising campaign, and were launched.

Along with the launch of the new websites and advertising campaign, Seima also implemented a new integrated marketing plan including BVOD, Google Ads, Meta Ads, Pinterest Ads, LinkedIn ads and monthly blog writing for both websites.