Expanding the global perceptions of an Australian wine industry leader.

The Brief

How do you tell a bigger story when your customers know you well?

Tarac has been an integral part of the Australian wine industry for nearly 100 years. Originally focused on the re-valuing of winery residuals into grape alcohol, Tarac expanded to become a supplier of products & services to the wine, spirit, food, & agribusiness sectors. However, research revealed most of its customers saw it as a functional service supplier rather than a strategic business partner with global leadership in innovation and sustainability.

Re-focussed messaging led to a simplified name Tarac (instead of Tarac Technologies), a new tagline “Spirited Innovation” and a new brand proposition as “an innovative supplier to the global spirit, beverage, food and agribusiness sectors.”

This flowed through to a new brand strategy, visual brand identity and style guide, a new website and a digital marketing campaign that has created a strong foundation for international expansion.

Services Provided

Brand Strategy & Identity, Design & Motion Graphics, Website


Simplifying Tarac’s brand architecture to its key service offerings – wine, whisky, spirits, agribusiness and recycling – provided clearer entry points for customers.

The brand messaging also pivoted from the perception of low value recycling to high value innovative “re-imagining” of new products.

The simplification from Tarac Technologies to Tarac and the use of the spirit degrees of alcohol device communicated a new found confidence and leadership. The colour palette and unique typography gives Tarac a contemporary edge in a global marketplace.

Tarac’s brand purpose moved from a functional service orientation to an innovative, high value partnership model. The new website leverages the brand architecture to provide ease of navigation and a seamless customer journey.

The website information architecture was also designed with different users in mind, providing multiple pathways for users to navigate and engage with content.


Increased website traffic and digital marketing visibility has helped Tarac reposition itself with higher value clients in Australia and globally.