South Australian Tourism Commission

A national tourism campaign designed to stop people in their tracks.

The Brief

Create an unmissable national tourism campaign for South Australia which reflects the energy of our state in 2023 and leaves our audience with a clear call to action.

2023 was a massive year for South Australia. From record-breaking tourism levels to world-first events choosing SA as home – our State has been bursting with a new-found energy and confidence and the world took notice.

So when the State Government and SATC commissioned Fuller to create a 12-month tourism campaign designed to stop people in their tracks it was clear it needed to showcase South Australia in all its rugged glory while reflecting the energy the State had become known for.

In response, Fuller developed Travel. Our Way. A national tourism campaign that leant on Lenny Kravitz’ iconic track Are You Gonna Go My Way and showcased key experiences in an authentic, unapologetic way.

Services Provided

Creative Campaigns, Design & Motion Graphics, Communications, PR & Social Media, Digital Marketing & SEO, Film, Photography & Audio

The campaign was designed to set a new attitude for South Australia; to create pride intrastate and to get attention interstate.

Launched just prior to the first bounce at the AFL Grand Final, Travel. Our Way. hit the airwaves in a big way leaving tourists with a bold challenge: travel the usual way or Travel. Our Way.

Fuller took a strategic risk with the underlying core insight for Travel. Our Way. – we acknowledged proudly that South Australia was ‘not a holiday’.

So we created a new way of travelling. A way that is so much better than simply taking a holiday. So much more than what’s expected. And so much more than what’s been instagrammed a million times.

We decided to base our entire campaign on the fact that South Australia is real, raw, rugged and ready to own it.

We focussed on showcasing South Australian experiences in ways that are less typical than what would be expected from a tourism spot.

To create something truly special we engaged award-winning Hollywood director and South Australian resident Mark Webber and renowned Australian cinematographer Katie Milwright to create a cinematic journey across South Australia which showcased the raw and real moments.


The campaign launched Grand Final weekend achieving 1.3M impressions.

  • 48%

    Traffic to

  • 34%

    Organic search

  • 43%

    Tourism Data Warehouse leads