Climate Active

We are a carbon neutral workplace.

Net zero by 2030

In December 2020, Fuller achieved carbon neutral certification through the Federal Government’s Climate Active Program. Our carbon footprint is measured annually through our Climate Active certification.

By 2030-31, we will reduce our carbon emissions to zero.

We’ll achieve our goal through an annual 10 per cent reduction on 2020-2021 emissions.

Let’s talk about carbs

Carbon, that is. The planet could do with fewer carbs, don’t you think?

At Fuller, we’ve introduced Low Carb Day: an initiative to reduce our carbon footprint caused by commuting.

Once a fortnight, our team has made a commitment to swap our regular ‘carb-heavy’ travel for a low-carb commute.

Whether by train, tram or bus; on foot; or by bike, we’re logging our low-carb days to measure their contribution to our yearly carbon reduction target.