Olivia Fuller -Agency Manager

Olivia is a Director of FULLER and the company’s Agency Manager.

She oversees FULLER’s internal operations and client service, drawing on more than a decade of experience as a trusted advisor to FULLER’s clients, managing brand communication for public, private and not for profit businesses.

After joining the business in 2005, Olivia drove FULLER’s diversification into finance, technology, education and professional services and has strengthened FULLER’s agribusiness specialisation, working on large stakeholder engagement campaigns with mining, grains, grape, water and fisheries organisations.

Key successes have included winning a national Public Relations of Australia Golden Target Award for a grape industry drought management campaign and delivering a national media training strategy for the Australian fishing and seafood industry.

In my spare time

When not juggling the demands of a growing agency, Olivia is juggling the demands of her two young daughters Daisy and Florence.  When the opportunity arises she can be glimpsed slipping into a  yoga or ballet studio to recharge her batteries.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts, Communication (University of South Australia)

Awards:  2010 PRIA Golden Target Award, Government Sponsored Campaign, Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation ‘Water & Vine’

Olivia Fuller